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It's time for fall AND Halloween!

Now that FALL is here we've rolled out all of our fall favorite ice cream items. It's time for everything Pumpkin! From Pumpkin Pie ice cream you can get by the scoop or by the tub to Pumpkin Pie floats and Swammiches! That's pumpkin pie ice cream topped with marshmallow and marshmallow soda for a float or a big scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream between two big pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies to make a swammich!

Another fall favorite is S'mores. We've got the "Fireside Float" which is Graham Canyon ice cream topped with Marshmallow and Chocolate Soda! We also have S'mores Swammiches. 2 big s'mores cookies packed with PB s'mores ice cream or Marshmallow Treat ice cream!

Take 10% off of all Halloween Candy!!

Halloween is just around the corner and we have everything you'll need for your Halloween party! From bags of blood to missing body part gummies, we've got all the fun at Strawser's.

And now take 10% off of everything from Reese's pumpkins to Ghost Twix, pumpkin bark to Caramel Apple sugar babies! Come and check out our Halloween candy before it's gone!!a store filled with lots of food